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candidate. mitt romney picked up on endorsement from eric cantor. the congressman from virginia says romney has the best plan to make america financially strong. >> mitt romney is the only candidate in the race who put forward a bold pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future. you know, a lot of the things he's talking about in his plan, we're working on in the house of representatives. >> cantor says he has no plans to run as romney's vice presidential candidate if romney does get the nomination. the latest nbc poll shows romney and rick santorum neck and neck as they head into super tuesday. in ohio rick santorum is ahead of mitt romney. in virginia, romney leads ron paul by a huge margin. romney and paul are the only two republican candidates that virginia voters will be able to pick from. the others didn't get enough signatures to make it on to the ballot. >>> funeral services will be held for a 16-year-old boy who died at the hands of an apparent random shooter inside his ohio high school. demitrius hewlin was one of the students killed when a gunman opened fire in the high school. despi
in maryland on tuesday for republicans. the prevote polls show mitt romney the run away favorite in those races. that's why the focus is on wisconsin. republican leaders here on capitol hill hope mitt romney can put away rick santorum in wisconsin. four days before the primary, mitt romney came to wisconsin with a seven-point lead in the nbc news marist poll. >> president obama thinks he is doing a good job. i'm not kidding. he actually thinks he's doing a great job. >> reporter: he's getting key endorsements. conservative house leader paul ryan, who is from wisconsin, 87-year-old former president george bush 41. >> i do think it is time for the party to get behind governor romney. >> reporter: florida tea party senator marco rubio, a wave of romney endorsements. that is really important for him right now because he needs to start bringing the republican party together to start bringing party unity and start generating some enthusiasm for the general election. >> i'm here -- [ applause ] >> -- yes. i'll take off my jacket. >> reporter: president obama is already campaigning. four events t
to the republican race for the white house, mitt romney appears to have picked up some necessary momentum from his big win in last night's primary in illinois. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with the latest. >> reporter: team romney is in a bit of a damage control mode late this afternoon after a top aide said romney plans to shift presumably to the left to accommodate more moderate voters once he gets the nomination. this comes though after a solid primary win and a coveted endorsement. mitt romney's 12-point illinois win impressed big name republicans and won him the endorsement of jeb bush, popular former governor of florida, who said, now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romney. rick santorum tried spin. >> all the endorsers, the establishment, you know, was comfortable with the status quo, go with mitt romney. >> it is great to be back in pennsylvania. >> reporter: but his weak second place in illinois may doom his campaign. >> if rick santorum cannot break through against mitt romney in a one-on-one match in a big midwestern state, he can't turn over the table of
process. rick santorum and mitt romney are in a dead heet. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: super tuesday voters turned out in massachusetts, the state of virginia, in georgia, today. in tennessee and in ohio. of the 11 states holding contests today ohio is the most watched. in this swing state, many republicans are unenthusiastic and most are split between the two leading candidates. >> i voted for mitt romney. >> mitt romney. because of his business experience. >> people aren't feeling there's a strong person at all. but i think santorum could pull it out. >> could he beat mitt romney in ohio, the pressure is on rick santorum. >> as you may know, this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> reporter: he went to washington, spoke to the largest proisrael lobbying group. >> under a santorum administration we would find no gap between israel and the united states. >> mitt romney appeared via satellite talking tough on iran. >> as president i'll be ready to engage in diplomacy. but i will be just as ready to engage our military mite. >> reporter: that's
romney survived super tuesday, barely winning ohio, after pounding rick santorum with attack ads, but romney put on a bright face today. >> i don't apply sentiment to it, i must admit to last night, i feel pretty darn good. >> reporter: he did win the super tuesday quest for delegates. nbc news projects romney got 219, santorum, 97, newt gingrich, 82, ron paul, 22. so, romney keeps his big lead in total delegates, maybe enough to block his rivals from the nomination. >> mitt romney did what he had to do he put away six out of the ten states last night. >> reporter: but rick santorum won three states and claims today he is on a roll. >> we are heading for mississippi and alabama and we are going to have a sweep on saturday. reporter: backers pressed newt gingrich to quit. he refused. >> we are staying in this race because i believe that it's going to be impossible for a ection.e to win the general >> reporter: and after winning georgia, gingrich could take more southern primaries next tuesday. romney's so weakened, there's no incentive for gingrich or santorum to quit before the c
who the nominee will be. mitt romney toured a sheep steel plant in canton, ohio. he figures if he does break out tomorrow and grab a lock on the gop nomination, it's because he's focused on jobs. during this campaign, there's been discussion about all sorts of issues but i keep bringing it back to more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. >> reporter: that's a swipe at rick santorum. he was in miamisburg, ohio talking about jobs but also social issues. >> whether we are a country that's going to believe in the integrity of the family, whether we're a country that's going to respect all human life. >> reporter: voters in 11 states cast ballots tomorrow but the world will watch ohio. santorum vs. romney. and in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll the gap is narrowed to just two points. a statistical tie. on main street in bexley, ohio today at the cozy restaurant, it was a tie. >> i'm going to vote for mitt romney because i think he is more of a middle of the road candidate. >> i absolutely follow christ, like he is who i want to be a reflection of his perfection. >> repor
combined. mitt romney and rick santorum are headed for another showdown and this time ohio is the proving ground. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: thanks. it will be mono-a-mono in ohio and neither of the two candidates has a home state advantage. these guys aren't wait forging super tuesday. the republican race is so intense mitt romney went to washington state where they caucus tomorrow but pick no delegates. >> i just think we have to have leaders that'll tell us the truth and are willing to live with integrity. >> reporter: truth is romney needs any boost and a win tomorrow would be good pr going into next week's megaprimary. on super tuesday, 424 delegates are at stake, roughly a third of the total needed to win in 11 state contests. it is the primaries in georgia and ohio that matter most. especially ohio. rick santorum's lead in ohio shrank to six points as he went to chillicothe. >> i'm running to give the power back to the american people where it belongs. >> reporter: ohio is more conservative and religious than michigan where santorum narrowly l
of mitt romney. republican presidential candidates are being held today -- the contests being held in wyoming, guam and the virgin islands but the deep south is also getting quite a bit of attention. bri bryan moar has the latest. >> with a strong showing in the kansas caucuses rick santorum nochd another victory. and he's making the case he's the conservative choice. >> we have to have a candidate, a nominee, hook gwho can get up and draw a clear contrast with the president of the united states. >> reporter: for santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul, the saturday caucuses in kansas and wyoming were another chance to play delegate catch-up, but the contest this next week are about survival. gingrich has to win one or both to keep moving forward. >> it's a big deal. if we win alabama and miss sip next tuesday, by next wednesday this totally wild roller koers ra -- coaster race will be set one more time. >> reporter: for mitt romney a strong showing in the south is critical to show conservatives he can win. >> this president has not succeeded. this president has failed. that's the rea
but they will have a say in selecting the republican nominee. romney with an event today with voters. last night, he was here for a get out the vote rally a lot more of a carnival really than it was a political event. a long list of speakers, almost all of them speaking in spanish. there was music. there was dancing. energy and passion, as romney noted. romney told the puerto rican people that he respects them and cares for them as americans. his rival, rick santorum, who today is in missouri and illinois also caused a fire storm of controversy before he left the island of puerto rico earlier in the week. he said if puerto rico wants to become the 51st state in america, it was necessary that english become the primary language. that, of course, upset some of his supporters as well as some of the voters here who tried to back pedal, do some damage control, saying more specifically that english would have to be a preferred language but not the official language. >> we understand that the people of different cultures speak different languages but we have a common language and that's what i was saying y
obama care. >> reporter: it is trickier for mitt romney, his massachusetts plan. >> i see obama care as one more example of a president pursuing his attack on economic and personal liberty. >> reporter: the white house is pushing back. >> they want to go back to a system where insurance companies have all the rules on their side. >> reporter: after jobs, it's the biggest issue in the race for the white house. the supreme court with its conservative majority could rebuke president obama or could support him on this huge issue as he runs for re-election. pat, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks. >>> some controversy tonight over a research project assigned to eighth graders at the liberty middle school in fairfax county. a teacher required students to research gop presidential candidates and find the weaknesses for each of the republicans. when one student took it home and mentioned the project the parent became concerned that the assignment was taking a political bent. the principal called the project one sided and asked it be changed in the future. >> that if he were to give thi
. tomorrow the republican primary there is another test for mitt romney. we are told that he needs a big win. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: illinois looks ideal for mitt romney, a moderate state with lots of delegates. 69 up for grabs. and a diner in springfield, the republican front-runner claims he's on a roll. >> these pancakes are as large as my win in puerto rico last night. i must admit the margin was about as good. >> reporter: romney won more than half the votes yesterday and all 20 of frederico's delegates. at the chicago economic club romney tried to fire up young voters. >> you guys ought to be out working like crazy. for me and for people like me, conservatives who want to keep the cost of government down and give you a brighter future. thank you. >> reporter: but rick santorum is still running down romney. he is uniquely disqualified to go out and make the case against obama care. because he has developed the blueprint for obama care. >> reporter: party leaders are not pleased with the nasty back and forth. >> we are not going to be successful in replacing an eco
. >> reporter: campaigning in mississippi, mitt romney fired back that barack obama had promised unemployment below 8%. >> this president has not succeeded. he has failed and that's the reason we'll get rid of him in 2012. >> reporter: rick santorum agreed. >> we want the economy to keep growing, but it's not realizing it's potential. >> reporter: newt gingrich said again a big reason is the obama frg policy. >> he's a genuine left winger. >> reporter: gingrich wants and needs a primary win tuesday in mississippi or alabama. so does romney. a new england yankee in the deep south. >> i got started right with a busine biscuit and cheesy grits. >> reporter: president obama wants for the nation and for his campaign more jobs reports like the one out today. a report that lets him take credit and warn that his republican rivals could reverse the recovery. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, steve. >>> literally tons of debris helped fuel a house fire today prince georges county. that fire started about noon on defiance drive. fire officials say they're not sure whether anyone lived in the house, but
. the illinois primary is being held right now. it is the latest face-off between mitt romney and rick santorum. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: good evening. if rick santorum really has a shot at the gop nomination, most observers agree he's got to win today in what feels physically like a hot race. primary day in illinois. the usual march 20th temperature is 50. today it's 80 degrees. >> this has to be probably the warmest election day we've ever had in chicago, so we're hoping our voters come out. there are important races on the ballot. >> look at this. >> reporter: a big day for mitt romney. 54 delegates up for grabs. and for rick santorum. he needs to beat romney in the midwest, after failing to in michigan and ohio. but santorum made a gaffe. campaigning against intrusive government. >> i don't care what the unemployment ralt is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: mitt romney pounced. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> reporter: santorum had to back pedal. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate.
to stop mitt romney from extending his delegate lead. gingrich has been hammering away at president obama's energy policy. >> so you could argue that the obama solution is walk for a decade and the algae will be ready. >> reporter: gingrich campaigned in the upcoming battlegrof pennsylvania. that is santorum's home turf. and after beginning his day there, the former senator was off to fight for wisconsin. >> we've got the energy, we've got the enthusiasm. and that's been able to overcome it in the past. and we're going to continue, we're going to work hard here. >> reporter: romney's campaign was hoping for a respectable showing in louisiana, a chance to convince conservatives he's a winner. brian mooar, news4. >> reporter: tea party activityists rallied, protesting health care reform. former gop presidential candidate herman cain was on hand. republicans say the law is unconstitutional, because it mandates that everyone be insured. the u.s. supreme court takes up the case on monday. >>> well, coming up on this saturday evening, why a historic building was literally moved across the stree
in mississippi and alabama are casting their votes in primaries today. mitt romney has seen a surge in pre-election polls. and he's hoping tonight's results could be a race changer. brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: the republicans are hoping the next couple hours will shake up this race and in the meantime, president obama is looking at some trouble on the horizon. as voters headed to the polls in alabama and mississippi, mitt romney was showing surprising strength in the polls. but still fighting an enthusiasm gap. >> i still feel like romney is the best candidate for me. >> he's already moved on to the upcoming caucus in the state of missouri. >> how many here in this audience call it missoura as opposed to missouri. how many say missouri like i do? >> reporter: he had been hoping to command the lead. but a win? >> he has the ability to seal the win in either state. but a loss means this race continues to move on. >> newt gingrich has the most riding on today's results. rick santor sum hoping to trans form himself from underdog into serious contender. even his supporters seem ske
that rule. >>> news in the republican presidential race tonight. a spokeswoman for mitt romney says former president george herbert walker bush will endorse romney tomorrow. the former president is expected to join romney at a campaign event in houston, texas. mr. bush's wife, barbara bush, already supports romney's campaign. the endorsements are a signal the party is beginning to unite behind romney. >>> in maryland's sixth congressional district the race is on in the u.s. house of -- for the seat in the house of u.s. representatives. a democrat could win that seat for the first time in 20 years. the district has been redrawn to include more democratic voters. the republican incumbent is facing a primary challenge from seven candidates in his own party. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: republican congressman roscoe bartlett was hesitant to declare his intention to run for an 11th term faced with a district that was redrawn to include parts of conservative western maryland and portions of more liberal montgomery county. maryland state senator robert garigiola was the early favorit
>> reporter: four days before the illinois primary mitt romney was attacking president obama on his home turf. >> he's out there pushing for alternative energy and we're here pushing for an alternative to the president. >> reporter: president obama was in chicago to answer back. >> welcome to the land of lincoln. >> reporter: he declared he cares about value too. >> hard work is a value. looking out for one another is a value. the idea we're in this together, i am my brother's keeper and my sister's keeper, that is a value. >> reporter: romney needs a strong showing in illinois after losing to santorum in week in alabama and mississippi. santorum is clearly connecting with conservatives so romney is trying to change the conversation. >> who can turn around the economy and defeat barack obama? not rick santorum. >> romney and santorum are also fighting for puerto rico which holds its primary on sunday and language has become a hot button issue. >> spanish is the language of puerto rico's heritage. english is the language of opportunity. >> reporter: santorum's trip ended in controver
to be approved in the senate. >>> mitt romney got a big endorsement today from a former president. george herbert walker bush announced his endorsement in texas. the former president says he believes romney is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and said it was time for his republican rivals to step aside. >> i think it's time for people to get behind this good man and some of them waged very good fight. i'd say that about some of the opponents. but we're so convinced. we've known mitt for a long time, that he is the man to do this job and get on and win the presidency. >> former first lady barbara bush sitting there and florida governor jeb bush have also announced their support for romney. >>> coming up tonight some people stockpiling megamillions tickets. the jackpot is surging now past half a million dollars. >>> daddy! >> you're going to be fine. >> daddy, where's mom? what you stopping for? >> a family shares its view during a frightening wildfire escape. there was one person who had the presence of mind to keep everyone calm. >>> new speed cameras in the city are monit
handelsman on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: thanks. this is good timing for mitt romney's rivals, especially the former senator who is on a bit of a winning streak. he is from pennsylvania, but rick santorum is counting now on the deep south. religious and conservative like him. he went to huntsville today. >> are we going to win on tuesday here in alabama? what do you think? [ cheering ] >> reporter: coming off his super tuesday wins in neighboring tennessee and in oklahoma, santorum is claiming he is the only conservative running. and claiming that's what republicans need in the fall in a new ad. >> how can mitt romney or newt gingrich beat barack obama when on the vital decisions they're not much different? >> reporter: after his super tuesday win in georgia, newt gingrich too is counting on the south, where lots of republicans drive big trucks. gas prices are rising, the justice department investigating, congress is arguing about a new oil pipeline. and the price of gas is newt's big issue. >> when obama was sworn in, the day he was sworn in, we paid $1.8. >> reporte
romney got some help from self-described red neck comedian jeff foxworthy who told supporters this morning the current race is anything but funny. >> i've shaken the hands of too many vets, too many people that have put their lives on the line to fight for this country to see it go down the drain. it's in trouble and a mess. >> reporter: but then some would say so is the republican fight for the white house. with all three candidates looking for some clarity and southern comfort in primaries in mississippi and alabama tomorrow. jay gray, nbc news. >> the latest polls show a three way tie in alabama. mississippi is too close to call between gingrich and romney. >>> some scary moments onboard a plane today that had to make an emergency landing at dulles airport. shortly after takeoff from reagan national airport a mechanical warning light came on in the cockpit and the pilot declared an emergency. the us airways express flight was headed to philadelphia at 1:50 this afternoon. it landed safely at dulles 30 minutes later. fire officials inspected the plane on the runway and said
need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: mitt romney rallied his supporters on this saturday afternoon in a big town hall in dayton, and he picked up the endorsement of the largest newspaper. rick santorum seems to have the momentum. >> this is a marathon, not a sprint. we're going to keep working. we're doing well, and we feel like this race is narrowing like it should be. >> while newt gingrich has to win the home state of georgia, ron paul is more interested to adding to his did he go gate count, and that's what super tuesday is all about, delegates. 419 up for grabs in ten states. that's more than a third of the 1,144 delegates needed to cinch the nomination. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> there's more to come tonight on "news 4 at 6:00." coming up how a community is coming together to honor one of the victims of the ohio school shooting as he's laid to rest today. >>> the term facebook family gets new meaning for a couple from our area. >>> prince harry leaves behind protocol at a block party in central america in th >>> hundreds from
. that is supposed his home turf. mitt romney finished third in both state bus won the caucuses in hawaii and american samoa. by some counts, romney collected four more delegates than santorum did last night. >>> tonight, michael hash will be spending his first night in years a free man. he has been in prison since a jury convicted him of murder but a judge recently overturned it for what he called misconduct by authorities. chris gorden reports from culpepper, virginia. >> reporter: michael hash arrived in happened cuffs and shackles, seeking his release from prison after serving 12 years for the murder of a 74-year-old woman. he was convicted in 2001 but weeks ago, a federal court judge vacated his murder conviction, citing misconduct by the prosecutor and police. after a brief hearing, hash was ordered released on conditions that he doesn't leave virginia, that he resides with his parents, reports to a caseworker weekly and posted a $10,000 bond. hash is represented by lawyers with the mid-atlantic innocence project. >> very happy that mike is going to be home with his family tonight a
republican presidential candidate mitt romney also blamed president obama for high gas prices but unlike newt gingrich romney did not promise to bring the prices down to a specific level if he is elected. >>> higher gas prices did not take a toll on wall street. stocks closed higher today for the seventh day in a row. the dow jumped 58 points. the nasdaq 15 points. and the s&p picked up eight points pushing it above the 1400 mark for the first time in three years. >> the other thing everybody is talking about right now, that wonderful warm weather. >> a lot of people are taking advantage of )( tomorrow night. forget it. doug kammerer happened to get a good seat at a place in shirlington earlier. >> and we're still here. as a matter of fact, you mentioned the seating. just take a look behind me. every single seat right now is completely full at this restaurant right here. this is samuel beckett's irish pub which is of course going to be packed this weekend for st. patrick's day and it's packed right now just on a beautiful afternoon here in the month of march. an aft
: mitt romney opposed the republican rollback yesterday then switched. > t% >> that violates the conscience of the church and the individuals and fortunately there is an effort in washington to stop that. >> >> reporter: rick santorum pounced. >> >> my gut reaction would be you stand for the first amendment. you stand for freedom of religion. >> reporter: democrats say they stood for women. >> and these men are waxing eloquent about birth control and the fact that, oh, it ae's just moral issue and they don't think women should have the right to have it. r> >> reporter: they see a winning political issue for the fall. >> we will make sure that women across the country are aware. >> that we in the democratic caucus will stand up to fight for their rights as we always a have. >> reporter: president obama says democrats struck the right balance and won the fight to have the rule stick. he is sure to take credit on the campaign trail. some republicans say they will warn voters that what president obama really wants is to tell americans how to practice their religion or what religi
to raise the tax on gasoline. he walked down main street and met several voters there. romney was in virginia last week. santorum and paul are stopping in maryland next tuesday. in virginia, they are going to the polls in a special election to fill a vacant seat on the board. three candidates are on the ballot. the winner will finish out the term. the polls close tonight at 7:00. >>> it was quite chilly out there today. the coldest day in more than a couple weeks. doug is going to tell us things are going to warm up quickly. hey. >> we are going to get into the 70s tomorrow. today, a big temperature swing down. tomorrow, right back up. take a look out there. we were cool today. a high temperature of 55. that's still very nice across the area for mid to late march. a little below average. not that bad with plenty of sunshine, it was comfortable. winds out of the southwest. temperatures 54 in frederick, maryland. 55 in manassas. storm 4 radar shows a cold front. it's very hard to pick up. you don't see much in the way of rain associated with that. it may change as the front make
i talk about obama care and the impact on the economy and fundamental freedoms and mitt romney doesn't. >> reporter: the justices talk tomorrow about the requirement to buy coverage, the mandate. it's the main complaint about barack obama's health care plan. rick santorum here today is a reminder. this u.s. supreme court could have an effect like it did in the year 2000 on a presidential election. live from the high court i'm steve handelsman news 4. jim, back to you. >> thanks, steve. >>> a virginia lawmaker was among those protesting at the high court today but it was not over the health care law. u.s. congressman jerry connelly says he is boycotting this week's proceedings because video cameras are not allowed inside the supreme court. connelly says people shouldn't have to camp out for tickets just for the chance to watch these arguments. >> i believe it is wrong of the supreme court to limit seating like this. there ought to be cameras in the court and the whole country ought to be able to watch the deliberations on one of the most sighs mim decisieismic decision ever make. >> p
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